Human Hair Extensions – What to Look For

You can get hair extensions of two kinds – synthetic extensions and human hair extensions. Human hair is more expensive, but it gives a more natural look.

How to select the best human hair extensions

You have two options – natural hair extensions permanently attached to your real hair by hair extension artist or get clip in hair extensions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Clip in real hair extensions are cheaper, you can attach them yourself every time you feel like long hair and they are as easy to remove. Permanently attached extensions, on the other hand, stay with you for long time, but they cost more and require a professional to attach them.

If you are going with clip in extensions it is best to go for brand name pieces – Raquel Welch, PutonPieces and EasiHair produce high quality naturally looking human hair extensions.

Extensions done in the salon can be ether individual strands of hair attached to your hair or wefts braided in your real hair. Individual strands are usually attached to your hair using different chemicals and removing them without damaging your hair is quite difficult. Wefts are safer, because they don’t damage your own hair. But on the downside, as your real hair grow wefts need to be rebraided (usually every 2 month) which adds to their cost.

How long can hair extensions be?

The longest extensions are usually 26-30 inches long. Anything longer, puts too much pressure on your head causing headaches and general discomfort. Most popular hair extensions are 18 and 22 inches. For your extensions to look gorgeous they don’t have to be very long – 18” usually looks very good on a girl of average height.

How much hair extensions from human hair cost?

Top quality clip in extensions would cost you around three hundred dollars. It is cheaper to buy them online, and you should compare prices at different sites before you commit to purchase.

Permanent extensions are more expensive – you will not get high quality real human hair for less than a thousand. Price depends on how popular the salon is and what kind of hair they are going to use. Best extensions (particularly if you require light color) are made from fine European hair and cost a small fortune.

Caring for your real human hair extensions

Extensions require special care. If you treat them gently, you can enjoy your gorgeous locks longer.

Here are the rules:

  • Gently brush your extensions several times a day using a soft bristle brush
  • When sleeping, tier your hair up or braid them
  • Try to use as little of hair gel and other styling products as possible
  • Wash your extensions with extra care, don’t pull them and don’t brush while still wet
  • Extensions are usually treated to give them best possible color, coloring them at home is not a good idea